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  • Online Weather App

    Online Weather App Details:Category:UtilityClient:University ProjectDevelopers:Matthys van RooyenMarius Smit Louis de vriesLive:Azure App ServiceFor this project, we created a backend Express server that

  • SEN381 Project

    SEN381 Project Details:Category:Software Engineering 381Client:UniversityDevelopers:MatthysThis project represents the accumulation of the work and experience that I have acquired through university up to

  • Website (WHOIS) Reporter

    Website (WHOIS) Reporter Details:Category:UtilityClient:Personal ProjectDevelopers:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that showcases the use of multiple external libraries to form

  • Hack the Waste 2019

    Hack the Waste 2019 Details:Category:HackathonClient:Hack the WasteDevelopers:Neolin PachaiMzwakhe MokhatlaMatthys van RooyenMatea DobaHerberts SnipeProblem How to encourage improvement of the carbon footprint? Solution

  • Hack the Waste 2020

    Hack the Waste 2020 Details:Category:HackathonClient:Hack the WasteDevelopers:Yara van DijkIvan VadimarLeslie CrielaardMatthys van RooyenRaykhona MurodovaJolanta Gundega BrokaProblem How to sell recycled plastic profitably

  • Critical Path Calculator

    Critical Path Calculator Details:Category:Project ManagementClient:Personal ProjectDevelopers:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that that can find the critical path for tasks

  • Plane Sim – Shortest Route

    Plane Sim – Shortest Route Details:Category:ProgrammingClient:University ProjectDevelopers:Matthys van RooyenNeolin PachaiMatthew WestThis project is focused on developing a program that simulates the flight

  • File Monitor

    File Monitor Details:Category:Linear ProgrammingClient:University Project (Adapted)Participants:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that monitors selected file directories. Some of the prominent

  • Graphical Linear Programming Solver

    Graphical Linear Programming Solver Details:Category:Linear ProgrammingClient:University Project (Adapted)Participants:MatthysThis project was focused on developing a program that can take in multiple constraints and

  • Natural Distribution Sim

    Natural Distribution Sim Details:Category:StatisticsClient:University Project (Adapted)Participants:MatthysThe study attempts to investigate binomial distribution with a dice board game. This includes: • Predictions •